Freshwater Integration study (FWI) Investigators Meeting
SEARCH Open Science Conference
Seattle, Washington
29 October 2003

Meeting Minutes

Welcome from Charles Vorosmarty, described agenda, and stated purpose of meeting.

Neil Swanberg, NSF ARCSS, provided NSF perspective of the program. Stated that he inherited the program midstream from his predecessor, Mike Ledbetter. Said Dr. Ledbetter provided little guidance for vision as to where the program was meant to go. The program was initiated with no time for partnerships to be formed prior to awarding grants. Purpose of FWI is to define the role of freshwater in the arctic system. Important that FWI take a holistic view of the system to correctly quantify all interactions. He wants and expects everyone to cooperate. Everyone must work together to forge a program. ARCSS program wants projects arising from new proposals to find a home. If they belong in FWI, expect present members will welcome them in.

Charles Vorosmarty discussed the Freshwater Integration study (FWI) Integration Plan, its purpose and current state. Requested help from investigators to develop a coherent implementation plan. All writing contributions must be received by 15 November 2003; goal to complete document by 1 January 2004. Click here to view the Integration Document outline; incomplete sections are highlighted in red.

Larry Hinzman discussed synthesis efforts and possible mechanisms to ensure that when we, as a program, are in the position to conduct synthesis, we will be ready. Extensive discussion on how to establish comfort and collaboration among FWI investigators. Yanling Yu suggested having presentations by PIs at next investigators meeting to learn more about projects, scope out ideas for collaboration. Andreas Muenchou and others expressed concern about having too many meetings. After much discussion, was agreed that the group will conduct another FWI All-Hands meeting in February or March 2003 timeframe. Will organize a Freshwater session at 2004 Fall AGU meeting. Mike Steele suggested organizing a Chapman Conference on Freshwater in the Arctic in 18 to 24 month timeframe. Charles Vorosmarty proposed having a retreat (similar to ARCSS Synthesis retreat) to germinate ideas. Larry Hinzman discussed creating a mechanism to inspire students to work collaboratively by having students from different projects work together on common problems, spending time together in the field, in the laboratory and onboard ship.

Jonathan Pundsack discussed website. Requested input on structure and content, grad student participation. Seeks volunteers for 'Featured Project', and for real-time data. Discussed measures of progress, including possibility of posting progress reports and creating an archive of papers and references. Requested titles of publications.

Dennis Lettenmaier suggested capturing posters and putting them on webpage in .pdf format.

Jim Moore, JOSS, discussed the possible role of JOSS in this program and the efforts they have contributed to other projects. Discussed data questionnaire that was circulated previously. He has distributed draft data support proposal to FWI Data Committee and requests their comments on proposal.

Rudy Dichtl, NSIDC ADCC, only wants final data, ready for long term archive. Can initially restrict access to co-workers or collaborators. Have two years after collection of data to get it into archive.

Meeting adjourned at ~9:30 p.m.


  • FWI Integration Document - All contributions due by 15 November 2003, document to be completed by 1 January 2004. Several of the PIs also need to fill in information for Data Tables 3&4 (paper copies circulated at meeting, electronic copies sent via email in October).
  • FWI All-Hands Meeting to be held in February/March timeframe. Larry Hinzman, Charlie Vörösmarty, and Jonathan Pundsack will explore options and send out details soon.
  • Freshwater Session to be held at 2004 Fall AGU Meeting. Larry Hinzman will contact conference organizers to set this up.
  • All FWI Investigators should check Arctic-CHAMP website for accuracy of information pertaining to their project. Feedback needed on site to ensure relevancy and timeliness of information.
  • FWI Data Committee to provide input to Jim Moore on data support proposal.