Aerial view of Accomplishment Creek and the Sagavanirktok River in the Brooks Range of Alaska.  Photo by D.L. Kane

CHAMP Science Steering Committee Meeting
9 December 2003
San Francisco Marriot

SSC Members Present
Mark Fahnestock, U. New Hampshire
Larry Hinzman, UAF
Max Holmes* (filling in for Bruce Peterson, MBL)
Kyle C. McDonald, JPL
A. David McGuire, UAF/USGS
Don Perovich, CRREL New Hampshire
Matthew Sturm, CRREL Alaska
Charles Vörösmarty, U of New Hampshire

SSC Members Absent
Roger Barry, NSIDC
Henry P Huntington, Huntington Consultants
Rob Macdonald, U of Victoria
Mike Steele, U of Washington
John Walsh, U of Illinois
Robin Webb, NOAA

Invited Guest Participants
Jonathan Pundsack, Arctic-CHAMP SMO
Louie Tupas, NSF ARCSS

Agenda (Original below)

Charles Vörösmarty. Opened meeting and welcomed all members present.

Jonathan Pundsack. Distributed agenda and summarized points to be covered. Goal to save most of discussion time for Synthesis Volume and Education Activities; also for new agenda items as needed. The Arctic-CHAMP Science Management Office now open for 6 months. Among main accomplishments is launching of Arctic-CHAMP website ( Encouraged all SSC Members to view site, offer feedback on features to add, update, and change to better serve Arctic-CHAMP and FWI Communities; goal of adding several new features in coming months, including more detailed information on projects, tools to compare projects and track progress. Discussed status of Arctic-CHAMP Integration Plan Document. All contributions were due 15 November 2003; a few assignments still needed. Goal of having complete draft together by 1 January 2004. Data tables among incomplete items; will work with Daqing Yang to gather remaining input.

Louie Tupas. Thanked committee for inviting him, said he was here primarily to listen to group. Emphasized importance of education/outreach activities, and also of ARCSS Synthesis activities. Expansion of FWI projects will not happen in near-term; we are it at least for FWI unless we can identify big gaps that need to be filled.


'State of Arctic Hydrosphere' Feature on Arctic-CHAMP website. Currently have links to NSIDC products, including State of Arctic Cryosphere image, Sea Ice extent maps. Goal to add products from FWI projects, as well as other near real-time Arctic hydrological data products. Possible products to add include: ice breakup data; scatterometer images; digital camera/webcam images in field of ice breakup; North Pole Observatory links; time series of melt, breakup; link to David Robinson's (Rutgers) products. Will seek input from FWI Community to add other products and tools.

Synthesis Volume. Charles Vörösmarty noted that it became apparent during FWI All-Hands Meeting in Seattle that we needed more 'beer time'. We need to work towards synthesis, determine what group can coalesce around. Perhaps one goal is to work on the Arctic fresh water budget + 10 - a follow-up to the ASI/NATO Freshwater Budget book. Looking for commonalities across scales - from local to basin to pan-Arctic to Global. Goal to look at last ten years, and $30 million later; what lessons have we learned, what scientific advancements have we made? If we have a Synthesis Volume as capstone in 2008, what do we have to do now to work towards? Desire for this to be a team-building activity, not forcing anyone into it. Charles Vörösmarty and Larry Hinzman will produce a 1-page prospectus on Synthesis Volume to distribute to publishers. Consensus from group that this is a very good idea. Better to produce a book than a special journal issue, would do a better job at synthesis. Suggestion to focus on 'Big Picture' question, should be a topical book, not just collection of separate chapters; common thread needs to run through all chapters. Would be multi-author book, not restricted solely to FWI investigators, and should open up to all experts in field. Suggestion to post writing updates on website, as well as drafts of chapters, before publishing to get feedback from authors and group. Need to start early, bring in authors early in process.

Education/Outreach Activities. Larry Hinzman presented idea of going to NSF for support of Education Activities to sponsor both undergraduate and graduate students as part of CHAMP and FWI. Idea to have field/practicum for students as well as classroom time. Louie Tupas mentioned that NSF Post-Doc awards are coming up, might be possibility to get involved. Charles Vörösmarty discussed example of University of New Hampshire / NASA Goddard joint program; access to broad scientific offerings for juniors/seniors in smaller colleges. SSC group very supportive of exploring possibilities for an Arctic initiative for undergraduate and graduate students; not sure if opportunity like this currently exists. Could be NSF/OPP contribution to UROP, crosses institutional boundaries. May be able to sell to NSF Education Directorate. ARCUS - potential to help coordinate program? Or should it be run through the Arctic-CHAMP SMO? Can help us think as group, underlying purpose would be to bring researchers/young talented students to field to further understanding of Arctic hydrological cycle. Participants would benefit from being able to pick best of pack to enter graduate programs. May need to entice staff/faculty - think about what it will take for stellar staff to get involved. Should explore possibility of stipend for faculty/staff to help formalize program. SSC group will very receptive to program for students to get engaged in studies in Arctic region, is a very exciting idea and a current hole. Would be good for both students and faculty involved.

FWI All-Hands Meeting. Original plan was to have meeting in February/March timeframe, but a few key people are not able to attend then. Decided to explore April/May dates instead. Possible meeting places suggested include the National Academies at either Woods Hole, MA or Irvine, CA. Also possibility of having at Carleton College in Minnesota. Would be a 3-4 day meeting, main agenda items could be Synthesis Volume and Education Activities.


  • Synthesis Volume on the Arctic Freshwater Cycle. Charles Vörösmarty, Larry Hinzman, and Jonathan Pundsack will contact publishers regarding Synthesis Volume on the Arctic Freshwater Cycle, and report back to group regarding initial interest.
  • Arctic-CHAMP website. All SSC Members should review Arctic-CHAMP website ( and provide feedback to the Arctic-CHAMP Science Management Office.
  • FWI All-Hands Meeting. Jonathan Pundsack will contact National Academies at Woods Hole and Irvine to explore feasibility of holding meeting at those locations. Charles Vörösmarty will contact Carleton College. Will report back to FWI group soon to get meeting on calendar for spring '04.
  • Education Activity for Student Involvement. Jonathan Pundsack will send bulleted list of notes regarding this activity to all SSC members. Summary of Proposed Goals of Activity will be sent to Neil Swanberg at NSF to gauge interest in program.

  • Arctic-CHAMP Science Steering Committee Meeting
    2003 Fall AGU

    San Francisco Marriott Garden Terrace Restaurant
    Tuesday 9 December 2003
    12-2 PM


    • Brief Overview on Where We Stand

    • Status of Integration Document

    • Arctic-CHAMP Science Management Office
      --Website Update and Feedback

    • Synthesis Efforts and Products
      --ARCSS Synthesis
      --FWI All-Hands Meeting (discuss timeframe)
      --Education/Outreach Activities - Student Involvement
      --Synthesis Volume

    • Other Items

    • Adjourn

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Photo: Aerial view of Accomplishment Creek and the
     Sagavanirktok River in the Brooks Range of Alaska.  Photo by D.L. Kane